One Bedroom Villa

Room Description

Let yourself be swept away by the magic of a lake-facing villa, where a spacious balcony invites you to take in the soothing melody of nature. With a king bed adorning this sanctuary for two, this luxurious retreat is the epitome of a romantic escape, where love embraces the soul amidst Samosir Island’s ethereal beauty.

One Bedroom Family Villa

Room Description

Discover unparalleled tranquillity in our One Bedroom Family Villa, adorned with a generous balcony directly facing the lake. Equipped with two sumptuous king beds, this harmonious sanctuary invites up to four souls to immerse themselves in the ultimate family getaway where every moment is woven with joy, love, and the sublime melody of nature. 

Two Bedrooms Villa

Room Description

Embrace the boundless embrace of space and comfort in our generous Two Bedrooms Villa. With a spacious balcony directly facing the lake, offering captivating views throughout your joyful stay, where every cherished moment unfolds beautifully.

Three Bedrooms Villa

Room Description

Step into our magnificent Three Bedrooms Villa. A large balcony directly facing the lake invites larger groups to be immersed in the embrace of Samosir Island’s enchanting waters. Here, families and friends gather, creating unforgettable memories within these hallowed walls, as the symphony of nature serenades their hearts.

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